Justifying Your Purchases – Shopping Spree Moments

When you have those moments and head out on a shopping spree, justifying your purchases might well be needed. So how do you stop yourself from spending a lot? Or perhaps better, how do you justify what you are buying? The reason I decided to talk about this today is because I’ve purchased a new keyboard, … Read more Justifying Your Purchases – Shopping Spree Moments

Gaining Consistency By Changing Value

Today we´re looking at gaining consistency but potentially losing value. Does your frequency in action outweigh the value provided from taking time to produce a better single outcome? Yes, and no, it depends, but in my case… Maybe. A while back I traded a lot of my camera equipment, including my DSLR, in for a … Read more Gaining Consistency By Changing Value

The Purchase That Changed Me – Reading More

Happy Monday all, today is the day to talk about the purchase that changed me. Sometimes I believe I have a tendency to buy things in the hope that it´ll somehow magically transform my life. Finally, this time, it kind of worked! I bought a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon and I´m reading more. In turn, it has … Read more The Purchase That Changed Me – Reading More

The Wished Away

He sits and watches everything Because it’s all new and different Each moment is exciting Each experience is an adventure But as time wears on it fades It disappears into familiarity It no longer exists as growth But a burden and a chore   The new is not to be embraced And the old is … Read more The Wished Away

Tenerife – North or South?

Tenerife is small island with a North and South part that differ quite a bit from one another. With a volcano in the middle, the climates can differ dramatically. Tenerife is an incredibly beautiful and diverse place to visit. So what are you waiting for?! Back in November, I took a cheap flight from Barcelona … Read more Tenerife – North or South?