I was sick this morning

This morning I woke up as usual, drank some water, did my stretches then made my way downstairs into the kitchen. I made myself coffee and enjoyed listening to my podcast in peace. Halfway through my coffee I began to feel ill, something wasn’t right with my drink. Whatever it was, I could feel my … Read more I was sick this morning

Moving Back Home – Readjusting to the Past

Recently, I made a decision to move away from the sunny feels of Barcelona. I moved back to the fresh loving rain air of the UK. As I am now back in my hometown, it means a need to readjust to the past to find a better future. I had almost lived for two years … Read more Moving Back Home – Readjusting to the Past

The Three Universal Currencies

Whilst reading the book “The Personal MBA” by Joshua Kaufman, I came across the three universal currencies in every negotiation: resources, time and flexibility.  Only thing is that it doesn’t just apply to business negotiations but can essentially be used in every action we take. The Trade Offs When going into a negotiation, you are … Read more The Three Universal Currencies