Through the love of exploration and a desire to try new things, way back in 2010 I bought myself a camera and began self teaching photography.

Next, I began exploring my area but that wasn’t enough. Soon enough, I found myself abroad taking photos like a crazed tourist!

Naturally, I wanted to share it all, simply because of the joy it brought me. 

My site began!

It started just by showing my photography, but I didn’t previously understand my why. I knew I liked to share and so just kept publishing photos. Soon after it developed into writing, but there was something missing.

It was that I lacked a purpose for it all, the point of sharing, what I was trying to achieve. I kept refining and redefining, trialling and erroring (that’s not a word). Eventually, and at least for now, this is what I have as my purpose:

To continuously learn more ways to appreciate and enjoy life. To share what I learn/do along the way in order to inspire others to go out and explore their own world.

Now for the small disclaimer:

Please do note that all the content on this site is produced by me, Wulf Willis, and is solely my opinion and reflections that have come from my own life learning. Not all I write and photograph will apply or be seen as true by everyone, or even anyone, but I put it out there to help all those that it may apply to. 

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