Take Advantage – Short Piece

I feel trapped, restricted and aimless. My feelings are not positive and they certainly are not productive. There are times that I use my negative thoughts to propel me forward, they can also help me to prepare for undesired outcomes. The more outcomes you are aware of, the more ready you are to receive them. … Read more Take Advantage – Short Piece

Growth Points Phone Wallpaper

I always vary what I have as my wallpaper, but usually I try to make it something that will trigger a positive reaction, but a reaction for growth. Currently I have five separate sentences which are what I want to concentrate on applying to my life at the moment. The first sentence is more of … Read more Growth Points Phone Wallpaper

I was sick this morning

This morning I woke up as usual, drank some water, did my stretches then made my way downstairs into the kitchen. I made myself coffee and enjoyed listening to my podcast in peace. Halfway through my coffee I began to feel ill, something wasn’t right with my drink. Whatever it was, I could feel my … Read more I was sick this morning

Moving Back Home – Readjusting to the Past

Recently, I made a decision to move away from the sunny feels of Barcelona. I moved back to the fresh loving rain air of the UK. As I am now back in my hometown, it means a need to readjust to the past to find a better future. I had almost lived for two years … Read more Moving Back Home – Readjusting to the Past

The Three Universal Currencies

Whilst reading the book “The Personal MBA” by Joshua Kaufman, I came across the three universal currencies in every negotiation: resources, time and flexibility.  Only thing is that it doesn’t just apply to business negotiations but can essentially be used in every action we take. The Trade Offs When going into a negotiation, you are … Read more The Three Universal Currencies

Justifying Your Purchases – Shopping Spree Moments

When you have those moments and head out on a shopping spree, justifying your purchases might well be needed. So how do you stop yourself from spending a lot? Or perhaps better, how do you justify what you are buying? The reason I decided to talk about this today is because I’ve purchased a new keyboard, … Read more Justifying Your Purchases – Shopping Spree Moments