Letter To Myself

I wrote a letter to myself. To show appreciation and gratitude to myself. Not to boast but to remind me to love myself as well as others.

7th August 2020

Sunshine Life

Where does sunshine come into the world of happiness? Well, without it we’ll cease to exist, so I’d deem it essential.

27th July 2020

Just Good Living

It’s seem like the end is near and it might be. How you look at it could be a new beginning or simply dire straits.

24th July 2020

Blame Yourself

You might sometimes think it’s an outside factor affecting your happiness but it’s all within you, your power to change it.

22nd July 2020

Everyday is a Good Day

I know that sometimes you’ll think you’ve had a bad day but the way you look at life is the usually the way it’ll turn […]

20th July 2020

Out of Control

Quarantine life should not be about watching and waiting till life returns. Have a look at what you can do now.

12th May 2020

Take Advantage

I feel trapped, restricted and aimless. My feelings are not positive and they certainly are not productive. There are times that I use my negative […]

24th March 2020