I was sick this morning

This morning I woke up as usual, drank some water, did my stretches then made my way downstairs into the kitchen. I made myself coffee […]

18th December 2018

The Three Universal Currencies

Whilst reading the book “The Personal MBA” by Joshua Kaufman, I came across the three universal currencies in every negotiation: resources, time and flexibility.  Only […]

1st October 2018

8 Reasons to Travel More

8 Reasons to travel more. These reasons might edge you to go and book that flight you’ve been wanting to book!

12th August 2018

Three Points

Take it as you might wish to do That there should be a future too With a world unsure in where to go You may […]

14th May 2018

The Wished Away

He sits and watches everything Because it’s all new and different Each moment is exciting Each experience is an adventure But as time wears on […]

11th May 2018

Tenerife – North or South?

Tenerife is small island with a North and South part that differ quite a bit from one another. With a volcano in the middle, the […]

12th April 2018