No Control

We all get those times where everything seems lost. All is out of control and despite trying, nothing goes your way. This is where we lose focus on what we can do. We focus on the spiral we’re headed down instead of pulling the break right beside us.

At a Loss

Our minds are evolutionary marvels that have developed to make sure we survive for as long as possible. This is why it’s easier for us to see the negatives in life. It’s easier because it’s deemed as a necessity.

Danger = Death.

Though it doesn’t really mean that anymore in our day to day, unless you’re fighting wild animals all the time.

Seeing the negatives in a situation might serve to keep us alive, but it can distract us from sorting it out.

Control Your Focus

So how do we fix our problems?

How do we look at our troublesome times and make them less troublesome?

Focus on all the positives? Well, yes and no. The positive in this scenario is that you do have control. At least, some degree of control. It’s where you choose to place your focus.

Place your focus on what you can control. It doesn’t matter how small. If you know you can absolutely do one thing to change, do it. Then pick the next thing that comes into your mind about what small, individual, certain task you can do. Carry on until the situation is resolved or over.

Instead of focusing on the out of control situation, let things be as they might need to be. Then just focus on the things you can control. It’s about making the best of what you have rather than trying to make an inevitable imperfection perfect.

Things will never be perfect, so don’t try to make them that way. You can however do your best given each situation. You do your best by doing what is possible in that point in time, and it’ll all add up. It might even add up to look like the impossible has been done.

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