Moving Back Home – Readjusting to the Past

Recently, I made a decision to move away from the sunny feels of Barcelona. I moved back to the fresh loving rain air of the UK. As I am now back in my hometown, it means a need to readjust to the past to find a better future.

I had almost lived for two years in Barcelona, working, socialising, creating a life and developing a routine. This created my base, something that I relied on as my average. During the ups and downs, I would revert back to what I knew about where I was and what I had. However, moving country means having to change some things, to adapt to your new surroundings. Moving back home though involves a little bit of a different approach. 


One thing is to move to an entirely new country, you know to expect differences, everything will be new. That newness is what can make or break you but at least it keeps things interesting. 

Been back home has its familiarity and so a lot less is new. There is a comfort that you have because it’s your original home, you know how everything works and it’s just easier. This is not to say that it is a good or a bad thing but it is worth noting. This difference, if not careful, can help you to stagnate. I have been back for a week and already feel it happening to me. 

Reverting Life

I would like to consider myself as a more grown individual than I was two years ago but I still have those remains of bad habits from back then. The bad habits I developed whilst in the UK were a result of my environment that I had created for myself. When I moved to Spain, my environment changed and so it was easier to change my actions. For example, it’s easier to wake up early when the weather is warm as opposed to here now. In the morning, I now have to pick between freezing and waking up, or stay warm and comfortable.

“Sleep a little more Wulf, what harm could it do?”

…So much harm.

The changing of your environment can help or hinder you. Reverting back to an environment you used to have, can make you revert back to the way you were. If the way you were was better in the past compared with now, then go back! Otherwise, just don’t.

But how do you stop yourself doing this when it’s all too easy to settle back in?

Be Aware

Just be aware of what is happening. It’s kind of that simple really, just to hold yourself aware of the actions you are taking. Compare your previous lifestyle with what you have now and try to adapt it.

With any move, you have to adapt, but don’t let it stop you moving in the direction you want to go. For instance, it’s cold here, really super pitch black and basically the middle of the night at 4am. I don’t have to get to work by 7am anymore so I can wake up a little later. 530am is a great time to wake, still before the sunrise, a mildly amount warmer and I have obtained a heater to turn on after my eyes open. I can still wake up early and do my morning routine which helps propel me in the right direction. 

If I wanted, I could just wake up whenever I like, do my work and then just waste away. I’d still earn money, I’d get to relax and have a comfortable life. But then I won’t be challenged, I won’t be testing what I’m capable of, and I won’t be happy. I would remain still simply because I let myself get comfortable in the lifestyle of the past. 

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong. 

N. R. Narayana Murthy

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