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Justifying Your Purchases – Shopping Spree Moments

When you have those moments and head out on a shopping spree, justifying your purchases might well be needed.

So how do you stop yourself from spending a lot? Or perhaps better, how do you justify what you are buying?

The reason I decided to talk about this today is because I’ve purchased a new keyboard, which at the moment I love. It’s a mechanical keyboard meaning it has that clicky sound everytime you hit a key. Not only that, the keyboard has LED lights and various modes to change how it reacts to your typing. There is a possibility that I could have bought a different, potentially cheaper alternative but in the end I went for this. What’s my reasoning?

Purchases adding To Your Life

When considering buying something, I always attempt to assess whether this purchase will truly add value to the future of my life. Just so you know, I do sometimes consider something of non-value and buy it anyway; nobody’s perfect. Other times, I buy on chance and hope like this one.

Anyway, prior to my purchase (which I am using right now to write this) I had a wireless keyboard. This keyboard has a Spanish layout (Because I live in Spain) but lags in input. Writing proved an unwanted challenge. Those moments when you have an ourpour of inspiration and you can’t jot it down because your keyboard lost signal. Facepalm.

All in all, you can agree that I needed a keyboard. But why this in particular? Why not buy a simple keyboard that just works?

Do you really need the lights Wulf?

Yes. Yes, I do.

I primarily was looking for a UK layout keyboard that was mechanical: that sound just makes you want to type more. I write in English and so the UK layout makes sense. Mechanical encourages more typing and therefore more posts. The lights are just a bit of fun, which you always definitely need in life.

So what should you do when thinking about buying something?

Buy This Keyboard

So not all purchases are justified, but this one is, so go and buy one. Joking! …Half joking, I’ll get a tiny bit of commission if you purchase via the link.

Though if you do need a keyboard, I can honesty recommend this.

My point is, the purpose of the purchase was to add value to my future, not just the “right now”. It’s an item I will use daily to create more, which is my passion and eventual full-time goal. It’s something that adds value but more importantly doesn’t reduce it.

My justifying of my purchases, in particular this keyboard, is solely based on two factors:

Is this something that will continuously benefit me?

If I will use it more than once, whether that be for a life lesson or everyday activity then it would be a good idea. If I were going to take a course in coding but never planned to code, it would not benefit me. If I chose to spend some money on an unhealthy meal but at the opportunity to learn from a mentor (Not in health) then it would justify.

Can I realistically afford this – Both in time and finances?

Considering the financial side is one thing, but then the time you spend with your new purchase, will take up the time of whatever you would do otherwise. In the case of the keyboard, I replace typing on the laggy keyboard to typing on this clickity one! My time is actually improved, it’s not a cost in time.

So Only Buy Worthwhile?

If you’re not buying something worthwhile, whether it is to add to your body, mind or soul, then don’t buy it. You may want something in the moment, like an ice cream, but then if you assess yourself before buying, you might refrain. You might not, but then you have justified your purchase.

In an ideal world, we will all live in peace, health and wonder. If you wish to get through life not feeling guilty, then don’t lie to yourself. If you choose to buy an ice cream, but eat healthy 98% of the time, then you aren’t saying you want to eat healthy. You’re saying you want to eat healthily most of the time. Your justification is that you want to indulge every now and again, have a little change. But instead of diving into your craving to purchas: stop, look and listen (to yourself).

You might not find yourself buying less, or richer, or taking any different actions.

But you’ll feel a lot better about them all.

What’s your thought on this approach to shopping?

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