Tenerife – North or South?

Tenerife is small island with a North and South part that differ quite a bit from one another. With a volcano in the middle, the climates can differ dramatically. Tenerife is an incredibly beautiful and diverse place to visit. So what are you waiting for?! Back in November, I took a cheap flight from Barcelona … Read more Tenerife – North or South?

To Tibidabo

Ever since re-watching episodes of Friends and seeing that one episode where Joey tells the story of how he was backpacking through Western Europe and hiking up Mount Tibidabo, it was a sort of reminder of how close I am to such amazing feats, that I must take advantage of. Where is it? Assuming my … Read more To Tibidabo

CosmoCaixa – It’s Like The Others, But Maybe More Fun

The name CosmoCaixa intrigued before I knew what it was, maybe by as much as this blog post does to you! When you’re in need of a place to go with your child that will keep them occupied and not require much work of you, go there. What is cosmocaixa? A Science museum! From my own … Read more CosmoCaixa – It’s Like The Others, But Maybe More Fun