On Your Own

In a struggle to decide how to be around people, the simplest advice is be yourself. But then thinking about who you are as a person, who you really are deep down, is not an easy task. At least, not for everyone. Just be yourself is a nice piece of advice, but more often than not, you need a way of finding it.

Two Methods

I’ve found there’s two activities that you can do in order to try and figure out the kind of person that you are. To find yourself, your wants and wishes from life, so you can work towards strengthening that. Now before you dive into this imagination process I’m suggesting, recognise that it’s to find yourself, not to abandon your life.

The first is to imagine you never had, and currently don’t have, anyone in life.

The second activity is to imagine you had everyone.

I’ll explain more down below!

1) Nothing and No-One

Who would you be if there was absolutely no-one in your life? How would you interact with people starting from absolute zero? No past, no-one in your life yet, just you and possibility?

Imagine yourself waking up one day and just realising that you’ve got a blank slate. You’ve not forgotten anything, you’re still you, but all the people you knew, had seen, everything, ceased to exist. Not in a bad manner, more like an end of a chapter. You now are in a new world, all you have is yourself. Who are you? What would you want to do? How would you like to be? Would you choose to talk to as many people as possible or just sit at home and do nothing? In this state, what would give you a sense of fulfilment? With nothing and no-one to suggest activities, jobs, responsibilities, what is it that calls to you?

2) Everything and Everyone

Now to the other side and yet kind of the same. Imagine the whole world knew who you were. Imagine they knew absolutely everything about you, your fears, your deep down buried secrets, your entire childhood, those dark thoughts that creep in every now and again. All good and bad deeds that you’ve done. No stone left unturned.

However, even though they know everything about you, every aspect that makes you who you are, they still adore you. In this scenario, every single person on the planet knows exactly who you are, but still love you, still want to be around you and are happy to see you at any time of day. Talking to you, hanging out with you, just being in your presence is a gift to them.

There’s no hate, no revenge, no discrimination, nothing but love.

What would you do then? Who would you be then? What is your personality like in this scenario?

Same Same But Different

Bringing these two extremes together can help you to embrace who you are. It’ll help shine a light on the kind of person that you really are. Who you be if there was no judgement, no past, nothing to really hold you back. The excuses in these scenarios are removed. One gives the option to do anything in anonymity and other in the spotlight without fear of embarrassment.

Once you figure out what kind of person you would be in these two scenarios, you can see the qualities that you really want to portray in life. The qualities you already have but might need to work on to bring them out into the light.

Your Past

Give a go, give it thought and realise that you have so much to give in this world. Your past does matter though, these two situations are theoretical to remove the distractions. Everything that you’ve gone through in life so far has made you who you are. You’ve learnt a whole host of things, including a lot you’re not even aware of.

However, everything you’ve gone through has also likely suppressed a lot of who you truly are. By removing what you’ve gone through, good and bad, you can find your core. And once you find your core, you can begin working on bringing it to the surface. Bring it out and the past just becomes lessons to help you better show your being.

That’s All

So that’s my two cents for the day. I hope you truly have a great day, go out, and frame all you can in a positive light. If you liked this post I’d appreciate you sharing it with your friends, acquaintances and others you think might benefit from reading this.

If you disliked this post, please send me an email and tell me why as I’m always open to hearing others thoughts and pieces of advice. Though I won’t always accept it as truth!

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