It is About You

Just some thoughts I was thinking whilst on the plane.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and interpretations in the comments!

You need to go find yourself. 
 You need your journeys alone. 
 To explore. 
 To spend time with yourself.

 But you need a base. 
 You need to settle yourself, ground yourself.
 You need to have something you know you can rely on. 
 Something that won't run away when you are at your lowest.
 You need a passion. Not an obsession. That's something different.
 Something you know you can always do.
Some find it in family.
 But even family is not always permanent. 
 You need something intrinsic.
 What is this thing?
 It's a knowing.
 It's an activity.
 A ritual.
Not so tangible.
 It's a mantra.
 Find it for you. 
 Only you.

 Everyone is different, so it's different for everyone.
 But when you find your thing.
 When you discover what you need.
 When you realise your own truth.
 It won't matter where you are.
 It won't matter how you are.
 It won't matter what you've done.
 How high up, or how low down.
 You have that thing to always return to.

 It's you.
 The true you.

 Everything that you know is within you.
 Every good trait you once had.
 Every positive action you took.
 Every happy showing you gave.
 Every exceptional display of greatness; No matter for how long.
 It's all that's good about you.

 That is you. 

 The negatives are just moments of weakness. 
 The negatives need not be the finale.
 The negatives go down. They disappear. 
They don't add to your life.

 You do bad, you do good.
 But you are not bad. 
 You are good.

 Know it. 
 Rely on it
 Believe it.
 Do more of it. 

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