Keep on Writing for Yourself – Give it a Brain Dump

Recently I have been writing a lot, which does not really show on this blog because none of it was published! Part of it was to re-find my joy in writing and the other was simply a brain dump.

I have been writing in my journal, just jotting down what my thoughts are and the activities that have kept my time. It´s a useful, simple way of clearing your head. When there is so much going on in your mind and you can not just stop and concentrate, write it all down instead. Every little thought, whether it seems good or bad, project it out. Write it on a piece of paper or in your notes on your phone.

Taking what you´re thinking about, seeing what you do throughout the day and putting that on paper, virtual or otherwise, helps to organise priorities. It helps you see where you really want  to focus, to better see where the ideas that have been occupying your mind are. Maybe they are not so large as you originally thought.

It´s called brain dumping.

Brain dumping is all about dumping everything elsewhere instead of keeping it bottled up inside. You do not have to share it anywhere or with anyone, unless you want to, but knowing no-one else will see it can be easier to remove your normal filter.

Filtering what you say everyday to people is fine, you don´t tell everyone absolutely everything you´re thinking at all times. It´s overwhelming to begin with but also not every thought had, is a thought that reflects who you are on a whole. But those tiny insignificant non-defining thoughts can sometimes stick in our heads. These want out, so give it an outlet.

So the next time you find yourself in a little bit of stress, a time of uncertainty, a world of confusion, try a little brain dumping. Take the filter off, remove the social mask and let it all out.

You can re-read, reflect or simply get rid of it straight after. Usually all three in that in order is useful. Please be careful not to over analyse though, you´ll have to brain dump all over again.

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