Gaining Consistency By Changing Value

Today we´re looking at gaining consistency but potentially losing value. Does your frequency in action outweigh the value provided from taking time to produce a better single outcome? Yes, and no, it depends, but in my case… Maybe. A while back I traded a lot of my camera equipment, including my DSLR, in for a … Read more Gaining Consistency By Changing Value

Burlesque with Robyn

With the theatrical demeanour that Burlesque brings, when Robyn invited me to come along and photograph her class, I was certainly intrigued and it wasn’t an event I had photographed before, although I have shot dancers, concerts, festivals and nightclubs so it fitted the general description of techniques required! For the photos download or for … Read more Burlesque with Robyn

Portraits – The Photo Shoot with Valeria

Valeria-Shot by Wulf Willis

My first photo shoot in Barcelona was with the lovely Valeria, although there was a slight barrier of language. My grasp on Spanish at the time was near to terrible so the ability to communicate poses and positions was down to Google translate and a whole lot of hand gestures. Despite the struggle, it paid … Read more Portraits – The Photo Shoot with Valeria

Portrait Photography – Dancer Yasmin

Photographing people isn’t always easy and straight forward, there’s a base technique and then there’s adaptation to the individual. It’s what I’ve been working on lately, the adapting. So with a mix between a general portrait session and a few dancer profile shots, we headed into the streets and managed to capture a few decent … Read more Portrait Photography – Dancer Yasmin

Improving Photoshop knowledge by avoiding courses

My knowledge of Photoshop I would call good but not perfect. However I always feel like there’s something MORE that I could do with my images. Something that I’m not thinking about, because I never learnt existed. How to Learn more photoshop To solve this problem, I needed to learn more about photo editing. But HOW? … Read more Improving Photoshop knowledge by avoiding courses