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Gaining Consistency By Changing Value

Today we´re looking at gaining consistency but potentially losing value. Does your frequency in action outweigh the value provided from taking time to produce a better single outcome? Yes, and no, it depends, but in my case… Maybe.

A while back I traded a lot of my camera equipment, including my DSLR, in for a small mirrorless camera. I kept my favourite lens (Sony 24mm F2), though I lost a lot of range by moving to a smaller camera sensor. Nevertheless, what I lost in photographic options I gained elsewhere.

The reason I shed my equipment was because it was all too much to continuously carry around with me. I ended up using it just for jobs and not as my past time. When I traded in, I could carry a little, powerful camera around with me and barely notice the weight. With my camera handy by my side, and producing a much better image than my phone, I was shooting more, and in turn, developing my craft.

My consistency is photographing higher quality images grew, but my access to the highest quality imagery was lost.

Changing the Value of Work

By gaining consistency in the use of my main shooter, I actually found I was changing my type of value and not diminishing it. I now have the opportunity to shoot more often and have my camera at the ready when the moments appear. In the past, the hefty but well loved DSLR beast was less easy to remove from my bag and also then to put back. Its potential did not always warrant its use when I had my phone at the ready.

Life Application

So it’s all well and good if you’re debating between sticking with DSLR or switching to Mirrorless. How can you apply this to everyday life though?

Sometimes the best thing on paper isn’t the best thing for you. I had a great camera that produced amazing images and brought a lot of joy, but as time went on, it no longer became the best choice.

Do you ever find yourself hanging onto something because it’s seemingly the best option? At the same time, it’s something that just doesn’t sit right with you. This is when you need to truly look at the person you are, the actions you take and the actual attitude you have towards this thing.

Maybe you need to let it go and realise that what you’ve had all this time is great, appreciate it. Then move onto something better adapted to your life.


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