Take Advantage – Short Piece

I feel trapped, restricted and aimless. My feelings are not positive and they certainly are not productive. There are times that I use my negative thoughts to propel me forward, they can also help me to prepare for undesired outcomes. The more outcomes you are aware of, the more ready you are to receive them. … Read more Take Advantage – Short Piece

Research, Find, Plan… naaah, can’t be Bothered – Part 2 – Helsinki and Tallinn

Just two days in two countries and no need for extensive planning. How to see a city with minimal effort.

Tenerife – North or South?

Tenerife is small island with a North and South part that differ quite a bit from one another. With a volcano in the middle, the climates can differ dramatically. Tenerife is an incredibly beautiful and diverse place to visit. So what are you waiting for?! Back in November, I took a cheap flight from Barcelona … Read more Tenerife – North or South?

To Tibidabo

Ever since re-watching episodes of Friends and seeing that one episode where Joey tells the story of how he was backpacking through Western Europe and hiking up Mount Tibidabo, it was a sort of reminder of how close I am to such amazing feats, that I must take advantage of. Where is it? Assuming my … Read more To Tibidabo