8 Reasons to Travel More

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you know there’s actually an innumerable number of reasons to travel. Nevertheless, here’s a list of eight reasons why I believe you shoud travel more.

1. The Challenge

Climbing up Huangshan, China

When you head out into unknown lands, just expect something new and exciting, and potentially disturbing. Travelling more helps you experience things you would not in every day life, and that will challenge you. It’ll test your ability to adapt to new foods, new people, new sights and sounds. The moment you’re exposed to a different world, you’ll find your life expanding. You will be challenged, and that will force you to grow as a person. For that reason alone, I could stop writing this post!

2. The Escape

Relaxing in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Everyone gets to that stage where they no longer want to be in their day job, or they just crave a different setting in their life. When you travel more, you get an escape from the real world, whilst actually discovering the real world. You’re temporarily away from the repetitiveness that just sometimes becomes too much. This escape from the day to day can help to broaden your perspective on life and neatly leads onto the next reason.

3. Your Perspective

Views of Melbourne, Australia

When you head to a place that differs from your own culture, you can find a better perspective on life. Heading to a country where few people are able to feed themselves or live in a land full of rich people can both be beneficial. One can help you to appreciate everything you have. The other can show you that where you are now is not where you have to stay. There’s hope and there’s appreciation, both are important. 

4. Health Benefits

Breathing in nature – Singapore

It’s not just expanding your mind and finding relief in a sun lounger. Travelling really does benefit your health in a variety of ways including helping you to live longer. Those that travel tend to have a longer life expectancy. So what you waiting for? Click here to read more about the health benefits of travelling. 

5. The People

Kiev, Ukraine – When you don’t have a back to your chair, make one. 

I’ve always found it that little bit easier to meet people when your travelling. It’s that common ground. When you’re out exploring new lands, then meet someone else doing the same, automatic friendship. It might be just for that trip, it might be for life. When you have something in common with someone, it’s a lot easier to start a conversation. 

6. Learn About You

Wangfujing, China – Would you eat this? 

Whilst in Macedonia, of all places, I met a guy that said something to me and resonated. It was in a perspective I hadn’t thought of before. He said travel helps you understand what you like. It seemed obvious when he said it, but it’s so true!

The variety of activities outside of your norm cause you to make more decisions. As you make more decisions, you learn if you like them or not. You learn the style of living you want, the cultures you enjoy, the foods you can’t do without. You learn more about you. 

7. Inspiration For More

Seeing how the rich live – Monaco

Whether it is to find a way to relax more or even just do more travel, you get inspired. As you travel more, you learn more, as you learn more, you’ll find inspiration for more. This growing desire to explore further will enrich your life and create experiences you never expected.

8. The Problems

Stranded on a frozen lake – Summer Palace, Beijing, China

It might not happen on your first trip, or second, or even third. It will happen though. You will face problems. Your room wasn’t booked. Your room was booked but it was a single and you’re a group of 4. Your connecting flight gets delayed or cancelled. You’ll get food poisoning. You’ll get lost in the woods, mountains, sea and not sure how to find your way back. You should travel more because of the problems you’ll face. 

The problems will give you points one to seven. You will be challenged. You will grow and escape the worries of your life at home. Your perspective will alter dramatically. When you come out the other end, you’ll be stronger because of it. You will learn more about yourself during those times that any other. In the end of it all, you’ll come out with a story to tell and inspiration to explore more, do more, see more and just be more.

There’s always that challenge though of finding a way to travel more. There’s that little thing called cost. You could always try out travel hacking, click here to find out how this guy does it. 

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