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The Quest for Positivity

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So in my attempts to spread good in the world and share as much positivity as I can with whomever I encounter, I began to make designs. These designs are primarily to go on t-shirts but will be printed on other things like mugs, mats, bags, etc.

I’ll be looking to write about some of the designs that I’ve created, the meaning behind them or what inspired me to create that particular one. It’s all about positive living really, how to better cope with life’s struggles and to inspire others to get out, explore and do more with their life. Some are simple and obvious whilst others might be a little more obscure.

Where are the designs?

In any case, I hope the coming posts about my designs, as well as the actual designs, will help to add a little bit more goodness into your life. If you don’t want to wait around for all the posts or can’t be bothered to read everything, just head to the shop and see what you like.

Wulf Way Shop

It’s called the Wulf Way shop because it’s a mix of different philosophies and whatnot that it’s hard to identify it as one officially termed way of living. Maybe jut positive living but I’m sure that shop name has probably been taken. So, I just named the design style as “Wulf Way” because it’s my way of looking at life.

Other Shops

I am using SpreadShirt on this site to get the designs to you only because I’ve been able to easily integrate it with my site. However, if you want to purchase my designs or a different type of mug, shirt, etc then head to one of the other shops that they’re on.



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