Everyday is a Good Day

I know that sometimes you’ll think you’ve had a bad day but the way you look at life is the usually the way it’ll turn out. There’s probably a level at which you’re delusional but I believe that if you believe everyday is a good day, it will be. So let’s delve a little bit deeper into this.

Profess It

Have you noticed that when you buy something or want something, you start noticing it around you more? For example, if you bought a red car of sorts, you begin to see red cars around more than you did before you owned the vehicle. In the same manner, if you keep telling yourself that today is and will be a good day then you’ll begin to subconsciously seek to notice the good things happening.

If you begin to notice more good than bad in your day, you’ll end up having a…. what? Good day!

Continually profess that today is a good day, that everyday is a good day and you’ll soon see it come to fruition.


Gratitude will add to your good days

One of the main factors in happiness in life is showing and feeling gratitude. You can show gratitude but if you don’t truly feel it within yourself, you’re cheating yourself of an amazing feeling. By being thankful for the people, situations, events and objects that you have in your life, a level of appreciation and fulfilment will overcome you.

In a similar fashion to professing you’ll have a good day, noticing and making that little extra effort to be grateful for what happens, will help ensure that that day is a good one.

And it is that simple! Just not always so easy to perform.

Set Reminders

I have those days that I slog, slow down to a halt, waste my day and realise that I’ve been incredibly unproductive. These are usually the days where I’ve let myself get distracted with menial tasks and not paid attention to my day. There are intentions and wishes for the day but no set timetable. Although I’ve written up a daily to do, I don’t always see it often enough to kick me into action.

Using motivational or reminder word posters in the workplace has been shown to help improve productivity. If they can use them in the workplace, you can use it in your own home too, and even on yourself.

There’s a multitude of ways to set reminders but here’s my three favourite:

  • Set an alarm on your phone to buzz with key phrases, words or quotes to kick you back into the right frame of mind.
  • Put up posters, pictures or designs around your home that prompt a positive response.
  • Wear clothing that every time you see it it’ll tell you to be positive in some manner or prompt you to act.

When it gets really bad

Someone dies, you lose a limb, a terminal illness is discovered. These are certainly not pleasant things but equally don’t have to ruin your day. It’s about the framing, how you choose to have your state of mind.

You can still have a good day despite terrible things happening by following the above. This is where it can be become very difficult but it’s not impossible and reminders are key, that you focus on the good. Focus on why you loved that person, the feelings of joy that they brought to you at the time. Perhaps look at the exciting challenges you face ahead and how you’ll feel once you overcome them and see what you’re body is truly capable of. See this time as a time to make the most of life.


Yes! Everyday is a good day because the bad days are just not worth having. You can have better and worse days but surely everyday being better than the day before is preferable. Admittedly not always possible though.

All we have is now, the present, this moment of reading. If we die in the next hour, do we want to have lived a bad day as our last? If we don’t try to see the good in everyday, we might end up just seeing the bad more. Seeing the bad in everyday isn’t a problem if it’s countered with a bit more good.


Is negativity ever okay? Yes, it is. And I prescribe it daily.

What? That seems counter intuitive but it’s really not. If we can imagine and see the full stretch of negativity in our lives, we can see that whatever our situation or state right now is not really THAT bad.

This is likely something I’ll write about in another post in more detail but for now think of it as a balance act. Think more good than bad, but if you’re going to think bad, think of it in a positive manner!

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