Just Good Living

Lock down life is slowly coming to an end, hopefully anyway. With this however, there will be a new way of living. The masks that need to always be worn and a possible second wave. To add on to that, likely a global recession. Some people fear that another virus could come along at any time. Perhaps even more deadly. It’s not the end of the virus and it’s unlikely to be finished this year, or the next.

That’s negative thinking isn’t how this post is headed though. It’s about seeing the bright side.

Dire Times

With every dark cloud there is a silver lining. There’s an opportunity to do something different, something new, something better. Let’s have a look at some of the businesses that were just at their beginning during a recession. During an economic period where people are out of jobs, no-one seems to have money and the prospects of the future seem dire. It just wouldn’t seem like any company would have a hope of surviving, but…. look at these:

  • Airbnb
  • Microsoft
  • Fedex
  • Groupon
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Disney
  • Whatsapp

You can read about them just by Googling to see their individual situations at the time but the point is that it’s not the end of the world. It might sometimes seem like that but with the belief that you will get through this, you WILL get through this.

Many more successful businesses have been born through a recession and I won’t be surprised if more pop up during these times. Equally, with the rise of the virus, I’d expect a higher demand for all kinds of vaccination developments will occur causing better preparation for the future.

With regard to money, it doesn’t just disappear, it simply transfers to another. The circulation of money is what makes an economy grow or shrink. If everyone is holding onto their money, no one is spending, and then, no one is earning.

In the same way that you might find yourself fearful, concerned, trapped or just saddened by all that has been happening perhaps try to see life in another way.

Good Vibes, Good Mind, Good Life

Good Vibes + Good Mind = Good Life

I would define good vibes as deriving positive feelings from a person, place or situation. Good mind I’d describe as being able to frame anything in a positive and/or constructive manner. This is to say they’re very similar, if not the same, to each other.

Choosing to focus on creating good vibes around what you encounter and then to frame anything else as a lesson or an opportunity is what I believe can help lead you to a good life. (I would rank purpose as the main factor in a good life but that’s another post.)

Don’t Not Do It

An example would be someone telling you not to do something you want to do like exercise a lot. Say you’ve been exercising every other day and each time you come back exhausted. Your friend tells you that you’ve got to stop exercising because it seems like it’s hurting you too much.

The vibe you could get from them is something negative and critical of your actions. You think you’re doing good by exercising (and you are!) but here’s your friend questioning your activity that’s taken a lot of willpower to get started in. It’d be easy enough to just take on a bad vibe and consider stopping altogether; it is difficult afterall.

However, you could see this as a good vibe. Perhaps your friend sees the pain but not the gain. Your friend might just be saying to you that they care about your well-being and have also been considering getting involved but isn’t sure about how they would handle it. Taking the bad vibe could lead to you both being couch potatoes whilst the good vibes could lead to a super fit friendship.

Next time you’re in a situation that seems negative, try using that good mind of yours (that I know you have) and derive some good vibes instead.

Share With Others

One of my many desires is to spread more positivity. I try to help others cope with life in a happier way through my writing and photography. But I also create t-shirt and other merchandise designs for sale.

I’m sure you’ll find at least one design that you like, or for someone you know. The Wulf Way Shop is there to help share the love, positivity and gratitude we have for others, as well as ourselves. They also act as reminders to bring ourselves back into our centre. They remind us to pursue our goals, to remain focused and/or be happier everyday.

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