Sunshine Life

Everyday the sun rises and sets. It’s always there, and it provides us light, warmth and life. The sun is a miraculous thing and without it we wouldn’t exist. Every time I see light outside, it makes me happy. It’s a reminder, an anchor, which tells me that I’m alive. It says that whatever is happening right now, I’m living and there’s greatness out there waiting to happen to me.

I’ve naturally developed an anchor to the sun. Probably because there are so many amazing experiences that I’ve had outside. Each time I think of all the places I’ve visited and seen, like a flash of happy feelings. It helps me realise how many more amazing places are out there. Whenever I am feeling down, looking outside fills me up with wonder.

Soaking in the sun


Anchoring in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the process in which you use a gesture, touch or sound at a peak state. This state is then recalled or re-activated at a later point in time. It can help to reinforce positive daily living and enable you to perform better.

For a perhaps a better definition than I gave, here’s some quotes from others on what it is:

The process by which any representation (internal or external) gets connected to and triggers a subsequent string of representations and responses. Anchors can be naturally occurring or set up deliberately. An example of an anchor for a particular set of responses is what happens when you think of the way a special, much-loved person says your name.

Tony Robbins

In the same way that certain external stimuli become associated with past experiences (thus recalling the past experience) you can deliberately associate a stimulus to a specific experience. Once this association has taken place, you can then trigger the experience at will. It works in the same way that language does.

Leslie Cameron-Bandler
Sunset in Medellín

Sunshine Happiness

As I’ve linked sunshine/sunlight to happiness, even when it’s just cloudy, you can do it too. For the next time you need a boost, something to bring you back into the positive manner, use your anchor. It just needs to be something that’s always present (the moon reflects the sun’s light!). You’ve probably already created anchors, but being aware of what they are can help you use them to your advantage in the future.

Have a think about the things that make you happy and why it does. You’ll soon discover that you’ve got anchors everywhere. The obvious one, music, invokes emotions in various ways and are often linked to a particular person, event or situation. How you link these can result in negativity arising too and that’s where reframing comes into play. But that’s for another time.

So your homework for tonight is to find your anchor, feel all the happy feelings, be happy!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Anchoring is what the majority of my designs are about. It’s words and phrases to refocus your mind back into a productive, positive, fun loving, exploring adventurer state. Wearing the t-shirt can remind you on the go, drinking from the mug can help you start your day right and carrying a tote bag to the shops help you keep positive everywhere. In addition, these designs help others as well as yourself as you carry it around wherever you go.

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