Letter To Myself

And also to you. Copy this letter and change “Wulf” for your name. If you’re a “She” then you’ll need to change the “He” as well! I sometimes write to myself and don’t post to the blog in order to get my mind right. My personal pronouns are all over the place but it’s necessary and all refer back to oneself!

Recently I’ve been working on self-love more, to become more at peace with myself, give myself a break on my own life progress. I hope it might do the same for someone out there that reads this.

To,For and By Wulf

I am love. I love you Wulf. I love him, that guy, Wulf. He’s great. He’s struggling with life but he’s doing his best to do it better. He seeks improvement. He seeks growth. He wants to do better and is trying to do better every day.

Every day Wulf is better. Every day he is a little bit happier.

Every day he creates something new. He makes something new in himself and removes a little bit of the bad old.

He accepts what’s happened to him in the past and looks to learn from it.

He tries to sometimes pass on his knowledge.

Wulf is loved. Wulf is love. Loved is Wulf. I love you Wulf. I love me. I love it.

I love what I do. I love that I try to do better. I love that I consistently try again and again and each time I improve in some manner. I love that I reflect.

I love that I’m so loveable. You are loveable. He is loveable.

People are happy around him and he enjoys that. I enjoy that I make people smile around me. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t ever happen again but that for that brief moment in time, someone smiled, someone experienced joy, because of me. I love that.

I love that I can bring out of people laughter and happiness.

I love that I am able to appear for a brief moment and make a little mark on people’s lives. That’s my gift, that’s my passion.

To bring happiness to others, to help teach them to bring it into their own lives. To share that is something that I’d love to do for millions or billions. I want billions of people to read my words and think to themselves that they could do better, that they can up their happiness level.

I want to impact the world in a hugely positive manner that they become happy all day every day and find a peace and excitement in life.

I want people to be able to re-frame how they look at the world and re-frame it into this glorious, slice of life, one moment in eternity, a good reality.

Tell Yourself

It’s not about being full of yourself. It’s about showing the love you show to others also to yourself. You deserve self-love as much as any amount of love that you share. Know that you are loved.

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