Out of Control

This quarantining, lock down, virus hiding time has caused a large shift in all our lives in one form or another. It demonstrates more than ever a difference between knowing how to deal with what we can change and what we can’t.

One of my many philosophies in life is the main stoic principle of accepting what you can control and and what you cannot. When you’re stuck in your home and not allowed to go out and explore, no amount of tantrums will change anything. Accepting it and finding things to do at home instead will help you. Focusing on uncontrollables like the weather, the virus, the inability to do what we used to, is simply more time frustrated and wasted.

I know I still catch myself on a daily basis focusing on the immovable situation that I am in. I dwell on being trapped in my house. I am more than often increasingly frustrated with the ever growing information showing the government’s poor handling of this virus. However, I am dealing better as I begin to recognise my thoughts and refocus on what I’m able to do. Telling myself what I can change and what I am in control of allows me to find the peace and happiness needed to cope and grow with everything.

Now is an opportunity to really look at what we want from life when the outside world is shut off. We can use this quarantining to learn something new, to get fit, to get better and to find a greater inner peace. There will be a moment when we are let out again and attempt to return to how our lives used to be. But when that moment happens and you’re asked what you did in lock down, what will your answer be?

Seeing on social media and in the news what people have been doing in their own homes has been an inspiration. It has shown our ability to adapt and still maintain a level of normalcy. Those creating weights from water bottles and brooms for barbells have shown a creativity for how to exercise. Others have learnt to play instruments and created music videos within their house. And maybe arguably unproductively, people have attempted the impossible task of completing Netflix. Though they are doing what they can do instead of focusing on what they can’t.

In all of this, should you find a way to focus on what you can do instead of what you cannot, it will become a little bit better. It’s better to look on the able side over the incapable. So enjoy your time whilst you probably have more than you used to have before all this happened.

Let me know in the comments what activities you’ve done to keep yourself coping.

Hope you all stay safe.

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