Stopping Is Stagnating

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

C.S. Lewis

Taking a rest is fine. When we just stop doing anything to move ourselves forward in life however, we begin to fall backwards. This post will be a quick read. Hopefully it’ll challenge you though, to constantly move forward.


Have you ever looked back on your life and realised that some aspect of your life has never changed? An aspect that you wanted to change but never quite got around to doing? That’s what happens when you stop seeking growth. You get stuck with it until you change it.

For you to change, to reach your goals or simply move to another point, you actually need to move!

You need to move yourself in the direction, but you don’t need to run, leap, or fly. You just need to take a step there. Do something, anything, small and easy to manage. But if you stop and lose consistency, you’ll likely find yourself slipping back to the beginning.

The Future Is Yours Alone

Your future is your hands. If you don’t move towards it, you’ll just stay in the past. So get moving, stay moving. As long as you are progressing by the smallest amount everyday, you are a success.

Your growth will compound and create a greater life for yourself.

You’ll be stronger everyday, even though you might not notice it.

Just keep moving.

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